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I am getting ready to start teaching my daughter Spanish. This will be our 4th language after English, German, and Afrikaans. To start with I have enrolled her in a 1x/week Spanish music class and purchased a set a CDs with Spanish songs they will be learning in the class for us to listen to at home.

I have been very happy with the Little PIM German DVDs that she has been watching and I am looking for something similar in Spanish. Ideally it will have the words printed on the screen. (versus something like Baby Einstein that you can play in Spanish but it does not show any words)  I am a little concerned that she may get confused or get Little PIM overload if I also get the Little PIM Spanish and she has the panda bear talking to her in both German and Spanish. If they had it with a different character I would not have this hesitation.

I have seen many different products to learn Spanish and I would like to just purchase one. I would love to hear from anyone who loves a specific product.  I am listing the ones I have heard about below, I'm sure there are still more that are not yet on my list for evaluation.

1. Little PIM ($50 for 3 DVDs)
2. Muzzy ($200, gives 5 languages)
3. KidSpeak at www.transparent.com ($20, but it looks like kid should be older than toddler)
4. Whistlefritz ($20, the demo didn't have clear words, and I couldn't tell what her actionsmeant. I found the demo a bit confusing?)
5. Your baby Can Read - Spanish Language Learning Kit ($30, one CD and one DVD with songs)
6. Baby's First Words CD by Living Language ($10, just songs)
7. Rosetta Stone (aimed at adults)
8. Tell Me More (aimed at adults)
9. Visuallinkspanish.com (aimed at adults)
10. www.livemocha.com


Krista G:
Hey Laughingwater,

I seem to be following you around this forum.  From your list here is my opinion.

I hated Muzzy.  I ordered it and sent it back.  It was a cartoon, not even a nice cartoon.  You can put on a Spanish cartoon station and reap the same benefits.

I think the Bilingual Baby Spanish is very nice.  It covers many words and subjects.  It is one DVD and you can probably get it for less that $15.

I love Baby's First Words in Spanish.  The songs and poems are excellent.  I could listen to that over and over.

I haven't tried any others, except the Lyric Language DVD's and CD's.  They were okay.  They say something in English then they repeat it in Spanish.

If you find something you love please let me know.

I agree with Krista G in that I wasn't excited about Muzzy.

I also like Bilingual Baby.  If you want the word on the screen, it shows the word when a new word is introduced.

My boy likes Whistlefritz, but it doesn't show the words on the screen.

If you choose to do something like Rosetta stone, you'd have to sit at the computer and work through it while baby watches.  I think the Spanish files on LR would be easier if you are using the computer.

We liked Little Pim, but you might be right in that baby might start mixing if they use the same images.  But they also say that they can sort 3 languages in their heads without much problem.  I'm not sure.

We like the YBCR English version.  If the Spanish version is similar it seems like it would be good.

I'll have to look into some of the others you have on your list.  The only other one we've used is Usborne First Fun with Spanish.  It follows a little girl around as she teaches some Spanish words.  It is a fun one (to borrow at a library, perhaps), but I wouldn't make it the one I buy.   

Hey, I was going to say that language lyrics isn't the total immersion experience, since it does the phrase in english then spanish, It taught me a lot though.

I heard that YBCR was working to translate their videos into spanish, which i've been very excited about. I just checked their website and didn't see any info about it, but i did see that they've now released a Your Child Can Read! set. looks interesting! The link is below.



We use little pim spanish for our son and the spanish PBS station for Plaza Sesamo, and some other really cute shows.

I'm glad to hear your opinons about Muzzy - I was considering it.
I also just saw that Brainy Baby has Spanish - any thoughts about how good that is?
I wish their were someone close to me that I could borrow some of these from and see how my daughter likes them.
Thank you all for your input. It is very helpful!


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