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I have been looking for CD/DVD... anything with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in mandarin. I have searched everywhere...youtube, google, local chinese bookstores to the point of nearly giving up.   :blink:

My daughter atm is sooo eager to learn this song and had already memorized a few lines from this site:


which sometimes freezes and doesnt work.

So does anybody know where..a site or anything where I can puchase a cd?? Just would prefer to listen to it in the car. lol Or create a LR song category!!  :yes:

There a a whole slew of youtube videos of kids singing Twinkle Little Star in Mandarin. Are you saying the audio is such that you cannot learn from it?

Here are some cds:

here's an mp3

Here are the words in pinyin:

yi shan yi shan liang jing jing
man tian dou shi xiao xing xing
gua zai tian shang fang guang ming
hao xiang xu duo xiao yan jing
yi shan yi shan liang jing jing
man tian dou shi xiao xing xing

And finally, here's a youtube tutorial to sing it:

Have fun!

WOW Thanks wenjonggal! I have seen those from youtube. They are fantastic learning material, we just dont have enough dl capacity online and they tend to freeze on screen. I am just looking for something more portable a cd.

Those mp3/cd site is exactly what I have been searching for, I am not too keen on the opera "twang" to these songs but I guess its for my daughter.  lol I'll get Twinkle get it cd repeat & grin and bear it  :laugh:

thanks for the pinyin too...I can learn it!

Well, it it freezes up, then the "how to " youtube video should be perfect:you'll have time to note down the tones on the pinyin. And seeing as you know the tune already (it's not like learning "zhao a zhao a xiao pengyou"  or "Ba luo bo" without hearing the tune), once you've got the pinyin and tones, you can sing it yourself onto a cassette a couple dozen times and just play it back LOL!

oh, here it is with tones:
yi1 shan3 yi1 shan3 liang4 jing1 jing1
man3 tian1 dou1 shi4 xiao3 xing1 xing1
gua4 zai4 tian1 shang4 fang4 guang1 ming2
hao3 xiang4 xu3 duo1 xiao3 yan3 jing1
yi1 shan3 yi1 shan3 liang4 jing1 jing1
man3 tian1 dou1 shi4 xiao3 xing1 xing1

BTW, from reviews, I'd go with the Sing to Learn cd, and not the Teach Me Chinese cd. Apparently the voices on both are grating, but the Teach Me Chinese cd, they didn't use the standard Chinese versions of songs, but rather translated the English themselves. Thus the lyrics are nonstandard and don't fit the music rhythm well. I don't own either, but had spent several evenings comparing them online.

Is this the same mp3 as before?
http://bitmunk.com/media/6937910 for $0.81 US

http://bitmunk.com/media/6937910  link doesnt seem to work for me. Just an orange blue white screen. Will try again tomorrow. But karma to you though!!  :D

I would never consider taping my own voice..terrible...would listen to 'Sing to Learn' on repeat any day, just not mine. lol

Btw can you tell me more about this "zhao a zhao a xiao pengyou"?? It sounds like the song they sing at my daughters dragon tales library session! They sing that every week. Is it  "finding a good friend" song? Is this it?



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